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Parking barriers

Automatic barrier is the simplest and most cost-effective system for regulating the unauthorized entry into the reserved parking spaces (private, commercial, or industrial).

Slender body of AURIS Vehicle Access Barriers is constructed to take up little space and thus is suitable for installation in narrow and inaccessible spaces.

 The electric motor drive comes in two versions, for intensive use up to 24 V, and for the slightly lower intensity of use - of 230 V.

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Accompanying products

Aluminum arm with a bung (white or gray, anodized.) in the total length of 2.75 m (for Vehicle Access Barriers R-3) and 4.75 m (for Vehicle Access Barriers R-4) with reflective stickers.




Set for illumination of the barrier arm in LED yellow/red or blue color consists of:

Composition sets:
  • waterproof LED diode with connectors of length 2m;
  • white or gray LED profile holder;
  • transparent protective profile;
  • required end-bungs with stainless steel screws;
  • aluminum rivets for fastening the holder of soft profile.


Set of protective rubber (without length sensor) that provides protection against mechanical damage consists of:

Composition sets:
  • white or gray soft profile’s handle;
  • soft safety profile in soft ocher-yellow, gray or black;
  • required end bungs with stainless steel screws;
  • aluminum rivets for fastening the holder of soft profile.






Fence systems






All of our products are highly functional, economical, elegant and easy to install. The uniqueness of the LEGI operations lies in professional service, special technology and long warranty on our high-quality products (from 10 to 20 years).


LEGI Certificates


All LEGI products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, from design, through production to galvanization and hot galvanizing as well as plastification.

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