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Gabions - Stone Baskets

Gabions or wire baskets are all-sides closed cages, made of galvanized steel rods and hexagonal woven wire, filled with stones. Staking gabions in correct order provides support structures that represent an alternative solution for concrete structures in the areas of protection and soil stabilization.

Gabions are used in civil engineering, in road construction for embankment, bridges, support walls, water dams, facades, for:

  • creation a barrier that prevents erosion, stabilization of banks and dikes
  • prevention of soil or stone ground slide, rinsing
  • water speed reduction to prevent soil erosion in streams
  • sound and visual protection (external or integrated into an object)
  • aesthetic designs of gardens and landscapes


Gabions properties:    

  • Water permeable – One of the main characteristics of gabions filled with stones is - porosity. Porosity allows water flow which prevents hydraulic pressure from affecting the sides of gabions. Gabions have drainage function.
  • Individual applications, flexible – Gabions retain their characteristics even during deformations. They adapt to the ground on which they are placed and therefore are suitable for securing unstable embankments.
  • High resistance and durability forms – High resistance and durability are secured with extraordinary featured steel rods or wire that is galvanized, powder coated if desired, and filled with quality stone material. Over time the pores are filled with tiny particles and the entire construction becomes overgrown with vegetation, which increases the strength and resistance, so the construction can withstand high pressure.
  • Environmental and aesthetic – Gabion walls over time became a part of the environment in which they are installed. Local vegetation covers the construction and therefore the whole construction looks more natural than concrete walls. In the riverbeds, they allow the growth of algae and development of microorganisms for natural water purification. They aesthetically fit into the landscape.
  • Material quality – One of the key elements of long-term durability of the gabions is the quality of material they are made of.
  • Short installation time – Installation is done quickly either with hand filled or gabions filled and packed in the factory.







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All LEGI products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, from design, through production to galvanization and hot galvanizing as well as plastification.

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