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Sports fence

LEGI Sports fences with its simplicity and safety meet the high demands of sports fields and facilities.
Sports fences are made in standard heights of 3 m to 6 m. However, by combining of our posts and panels final height can reach 12 meters.

LEGI Sports fences are made by a combination of fence panels and one of the following types of posts:



PUR stub za sportsku ogradu

Fence with LEGI PUR posts

Fence with LEGI PUR posts is a stable structure that meets the requirements of the sports fields at altitudes of up to 4 m. A combination of different types of panels LEGI (classical, 3D), of different mesh size - 35 x 200 mm, 50 x 200 mm, and 100 x 200 mm - is possible. It is also possible to combine different materials by placing the panels in the lower part of the fence and installing a polyester nets in the upper parts. All of the panels are installed by the system of hanging on stainless steel hooks which are then screwed. Posts are boxy profiles of 80x40x3 mm dimensions for 3000 mm fence height, while the profile of the post for the 4000 mm fence height is 100x40x3 mm. The posts are longer by 800 mm because they are primarily intended to be concreted in holes in the ground or in a concrete parapet. For the requirements of the terrain where the concrete parapet has already been made, the posts are made with the base plates, which are then attached to the concrete by anchors.


Fence with LEGI RR posts

RR stub za sportsku ogradu sema

LEGI RR post has a box-shaped profile whose cross-sections range from 80 x 40 mm to 120 x 40 mm, depending on the height of the fence. The fence posts are 600 to 700mm long, due to the fact they are buried in a concrete footing. A part of this post is a metal strip which is placed over the panel joints. A combination of different types of panels makes the mesh dimensions (distances between the wires) 50 x 200 mm, 100 x 200 mm or 35 x 200 mm. There is a possibility of placing a classic panel at the bottom and a polyester net on the top.


Fence with LEGI IPE posts

Fences with LEGI IPE posts are made only by the specific requirements of sports fields. The fence height determines the dimension of posts profile. Posts are longer than the fence panels by 600 to 830 mm because they are buried in a concrete footing. Wires in the panel used in combination with this post have diameters of 8/8/6 mm. On every 400-600mm panel is reinforced with double horizontal wires and the ends are reinforced with two double vertical wire of 8mm diameter welded at a distance of 25mm. The panel is produced in height from 630 to 2430mm in intervals of 200mm. The final height of the fence can reach 12 meters. At the bottom of the fence, with a height of up to 2000mm, mesh dimensions are 50x200mm, and for the fence higher than 2000 mm, dimensions of the mesh are 100x200mm.

On this post, panels are connected to the post’s sides, therefore the distance between the posts is 2520mm.

Panels used for this type of fence have double horizontal wires, and finishing vertical wires are joined to the posts by special connectors.

This type of fence is equipped with sound insulation material (i.e. the sound of hitting the fence with a ball). Sound insulators are rubber pads which are placed between the special fittings and posts. The sound insulation pads are made of high-quality rubber that does not decompose and they reduce the noise to a minimum. This is of special importance in the construction of sports facilities in the vicinity of urban areas.


Elements are delivered in standard colors listed below.However, we provide additional RAL colors upon request.

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Fence systems






All of our products are highly functional, economical, elegant and easy to install. The uniqueness of the LEGI operations lies in professional service, special technology and long warranty on our high-quality products (from 10 to 20 years).


LEGI Certificates


All LEGI products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, from design, through production to galvanization and hot galvanizing as well as plastification.

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