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3D Fence

3D fence - a fence with "V" reinforcements is another segment of LEGI fence.

3D fence - a fence with a "protrusion" is made of a wire grid of 5 + 5/6 mm thickness. What makes this fence type different from other LEGI fences, in addition to its distinctive aesthetic character, is the fact that it does not have a double horizontal wire. The horizontal wire of this grid is 5 mm thick, while the vertical wire's thickness is 4 mm.

Final vertical wires of the 6 mm thickness as well as “V” reinforcements (2-4, depending on the height of the fence) are added as an additional support.

3D grilles can only be combined with R-PUR posts; the panel is fixed to the posts by special EK clips. The 3D fence is manufactured in two variants:

- Only hot-dip galvanized;

- Galvanized and powder coated.


All used steel parts are hot-dip galvanized and optionally powder coated, according to DIN EN 10142 European standard, using an ecological powder that protects the elements from UV radiation.

Elements are delivered in two standard colors, as listed below. However, we provide additional RAL colors upon request.

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Fence height is ranging from 1030 mm to 2430 mm. This fence, with its aesthetic character and stability, has proved to be very suitable for all purposes.

  • LEGI PUR is a more economical version of the standard post. Hook screws of 8 mm thickness catch the endings of the net on every 200/400 mm, which prevents slipping of the panels. The hook bolts on the inside of posts have a counter nut M8, which is inaccessible from the outside. Therefore, these nuts account for additional security by preventing the dismantling of the fence from the outside.

3D fence is economical, easy to install and low-maintenance. 3D 4+ panel fences where the vertical and horizontal wire are 4 mm, and the 3D 5+ fence panel where the vertices and the horizontals wire are 5 mm.






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All of our products are highly functional, economical, elegant and easy to install. The uniqueness of the LEGI operations lies in professional service, special technology and long warranty on our high-quality products (from 10 to 20 years).


LEGI Certificates


All LEGI products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, from design, through production to galvanization and hot galvanizing as well as plastification.

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