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Flag Poles

In our assortment we have flag poles made of black steel and inox steel (stainless steel).
Flag poles made ​​of black steel are coated with base paint and a double-layer paint finish.
Inox poles are manufactured from stainless steel, and are metallic in color.

There is a possibility of PVC coating in any RAL color.

Functional and economical:• Rate of the mast is filled with concrete, which provides structural stability.

• They are sufficiently flexible, and extremely stable and durable in all weather conditions.
• Internal mechanism with a rotating head (360º) allows the flag to be clearly visible, tense, and constantly open, slowly turning in the wind direction.
• Standard L bracket is secured to the mast in at least three places, which provides a solid relationship with the flag pole.
• Telescopic element for lowering and raising of the flag prevents unauthorized use of the mast and the possibility of theft.
• Standard mast height ranges from 6m to 12m, but there is a possibility of tailor-made designs.
• Long warranty with appropriate maintenance.

Our company provides assembly and installation of the masts in the desired location.







Fence systems






All of our products are highly functional, economical, elegant and easy to install. The uniqueness of the LEGI operations lies in professional service, special technology and long warranty on our high-quality products (from 10 to 20 years).


LEGI Certificates


All LEGI products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, from design, through production to galvanization and hot galvanizing as well as plastification.

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